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Social media, music promotion, and timeline

If you or your band decided to promote yourselves through YouTube, Twitter Music, and FaceBook, at what point to you achieve success? If not, when do you give up? In our social media run world, we have a much shorter timeline than artists of previous decades.

Certainly The Beatles seemed to come out of nowhere and take the world and the United States by storm. Or did they? The Beatles started their march to fame and fortune in the early  1960’s, but it wasn’t until an appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964 that they were introduced to the American audience at the “hit” level. The Beatles appeared 3 consecutive weeks starting in February of 1964. Those audiences were some of the largest to watch television up to that time in history.

How long do you have on YouTube to reach a large audience? The next question is; what is a large audience on YouTube. Let’s take a look at a successful YouTube debut next post. For a historical read on The Beatles and Ed Sullivan you might want to check out this website:

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