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Music Tech orchestra

Check this out:

Ge Wang is a computer music composer and musician using a open source software program called Chuck Using this software musicians use laptop computers, Chuck software, and ordinary items to express music. Using these ordinary items the music is projected. The Mr. Wang calls this technology meeting humans. The items that vibrate adds an interesting sound to the music that would otherwise be monotonous and boring. In the final musical piece the program generates the sounds and randomness, the laptop facilitates the program and sound output, and some common bowls are the speakers that allow the sounds to be projected. After this is accomplished a mouse type device is used to help control the music volume and space projection. The final performance is created as multiple musicians play their respective laptops and computers with the hand-held device. Mr. Wang shows us how technology can help us create interesting and expressive music.

The end result is a very interesting visual of human with machine. Using the technology of software and a type of gaming device, musicians can use the technological tools to express. A social element is expressed through the movement of the gaming or handheld device. Just like an orchestra, the musicians can interact and express themselves through the manipulation of sound. The sociotechnico sytem is created through a community of musicians programing and generating sounds with laptops, then interacting like an orchestra. Thus the music tech orchestra title and subject.


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