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Jobs in audio outside of the studio

Here are some quick thoughts about audio jobs outside of the studio. As I think of more I will add them.

Cruise ships (if you have a free 6 months it’s a good way to learn a lot fast) Amusement parks (lots of audio going on at these places, but it’s typically seasonal) Retail (Pro audio stores, music stores, etc. Anybody can get these jobs, but by being an expert you can find other people to work with through these retail jobs) FBI and CIA (you have to apply and go through a screening process) Military (always looking for musicians and usually looking for recording experts. However you have to enter the military) Home entertainment installation (surround sound systems in home theaters) Music venues and clubs doing live sound Corporate audio (A/V departments of large corporations) Audio Books Audio consultant (anything to do with audio from public schools to P.A. Installations at businesses) Music Licensing (BMI or ASCAP. Regional representative for selling and checking local music licenses at businesses) Live Sound crew (sign on as a roadie and work your way up) Here are some of the types of companies to look at: Large corporations, public schools, Publishing companies, entertainment companies, local audio contractors,   FBI, CIA, ASCAP, BMI, SEASAC, Record companies, Air Force, Navy, SHOWCO (live sound), Gaylord Entertainment, Guitar Center Prof. T.

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