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In this blog I will be posting information and thoughts on music and music technology for enthusiast

I have a unique and varied career. Some would say I’ve taken the path less traveled.  I began this journey learning to play trumpet in the 4th grade. Something about music got a hold of me. Most people do learn to love music and make it a part of life at an early age, but for some reason it was more than that for me. Why do things sound like that? What makes that sound? Why would anyone want to make that sound? And, Why do I like that sound? Those were the questions I had from an early age.

These are not the questions of a future Bill Gates or Steven Jobs. This is not a career path that will gain fame and fortune, but I do it because of the same reasons I breath. I have to.

So the purpose of this blog is to share some of my experience and thoughts for the students in my classes and anyone else that has some spare time and wants a little bit of advice. I also want to challenge the reader. Make them ask the same questions I asked when I was a kid. Prof. T

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