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Follow up to Magic of Podcast

OK. Here is the magic part.

Let’s say you have a band and you want to promote yourself. First thought that most bands have is to run out and try and get some gigs. Once you have the gigs and you’ve exhausted favors from friends and family, who is going to keep coming to your gigs? Now is the hard part. Fortunately we in a social media frenzy with lots of tools at our disposal. As I’ve stated before, as musicians and artists we must explore all of the social media outlets. Our work has just begun.

Lets focus on the podcast because we are talking about magic here. As I mentioned in the previous article podcast can be sort of an illusion. How do we create that illusion? Imagine you are going to play in a club. Maybe you need to send out some promotion on that club gig. One social media trick is give the potential fan the idea that you are very popular, and the upcoming gig is going to be the best scene of the week. So create an in house interview. Either interview each other or ask a friend to interview you. Create a radio type setting where you talk about the songs, what the club is going to be like, how cool you are, etc. Imagine putting yourself in the seat of the listener. As a listener you have no idea where the interview came from, or if the artist/band is anybody or anything. You just know that everyone seems to be having a good time, and certainly the gig is the place to be on that particular night.

You get the point. Once you’ve established yourself the comments and sociability starts. Make sure you have YouTube and FaceBook presence so the potential fan has somewhere to go for following. Set up a Twitter account and fold the fan in there as well. The hard part is maintaining the audience and keep the facts and coolness flowing.

Not so hard is it? Once you start you might want to designate a social media manager. Someone who is a friend, or in the band and has the time and talent to keep it going.

So let’s get out there and do a podcast.

Prof. T.

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