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Assignment summary

This is the last post of my Dr. school assignment, but not my last post. Let’s visit the YouTube question. How many visitors and when should you give up? I’m sorry to say that the answer is; I don’t know and it’s up to you. I know that seems like a cop out, but let’s take a look at your goals. Is your goal to be an overnight sensation on YouTube? Then you better get your market machine in motion. You need to promote, promote, promote. It hasn’t really changed over the years. The key to success is hard work and work smart. Now if your goal is to cover all your bases and have an electronic presence then get it out there. The only guide that I can recommend is to make sure that what you put out is something you are proud of and won’t have cringing or regrets. For some reason people sense that about us as performers and artists. They zero in on our heart and what we feel. So make sure you will proudly display your art.

To summarize our trip through social media in music, I advise everyone to do everything. Meaning website, YouTube, FaceBook, podcasting,Twitter, crowdfunding, etc. That is a lot to handle and take on, but this is a very competitive market. Look at some of the sources below and read these articles I’ve written. Do the homework! Keep yourself aware of new trends and other up and coming artists. I hope this helps with your career. Good luck and stay tuned to further postings.

Prof. T.

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