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Jeffrey Tackett is a native of Colorado but has lived and worked in many parts of the U.S. He has studied and graduated at the University of Colorado and received a music degree, Indiana University where he achieved the Master of Science in Music and Technology, and a Doctorate of Computer Science Emerging Media from Colorado Technical University.
His career began in Los Angles where he built, managed and was on call engineer, producer, and musician. Studio Zero was used by A&M Records, Hollywood Records, and various other projects including radio, film, and television. In 1990 he was the co-founder of the band “The Singleman Party”  as guitarists, engineer, and producer. “The Singleman Party” was awarded finalist as one of the best-unsigned artists in 1994. Additionally, they were asked to be one of the artists for the College Music Journal event in New York City. While working with the band Jeffrey co-founded Kick Beat Records which supplied music for aerobic and dance instructors. The KickBeat recording was used by ESPN and HBO for aerobic contests.
During the 1990s he focused on research and consulting. This work included testing and promoting digital hearing aids through Sonic Innovations. In 2000 Jeffrey relocated to Utah and was responsible for on the stages at 2002 Winter Games (Olympics) in Salt Lake City area. In addition to acquiring acts, Jeffrey was featured as one of the performers. During this time Jeffrey started his teaching career. He taught Recording studio and Guitar classes at Utah Valley State College. The teaching profession interested him so he continued his studies at Indiana University.
After graduation from IU, Jeffrey relocated to the Nashville Tennessee area and was appointed program chair at International Academy of Design and Technology (IADT). He oversaw as many as 14 instructors and adjunct instructors and the audio program had an enrollment as high as 700 students. Jeffrey was invited to the corporate office during this time and was responsible for innovating audio programs throughout the country. Jeffrey added the digital animation department during his time at IADT.
In 2012 Jeffrey commuted to Kent State University in Ohio and was an assistant professor teaching music, audio, production, and guitar.
Jeffrey is currently an instructor at Tennesse State University. He teaches Music and Technolgy, Recording, guitar, Live Sound, Hip Hop and Beat Making, and Audio for Video courses. Jeffrey started another project during this time and is studio design and live sound consultant for Music Makers Stage/Delgado Guitars. He is responsible for the upkeep, maintenance, and continuing upgrading to the live sound state. Jeffrey recently was the concert promoter for Ken Stringfellow (Posies, Big Star, REM).

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